We are a team of certified coaches and experts.

When you communicate with us, you will connect with an expert who cares.

We deliver information with clarity and care, creating empowered and confident clients.

Navigating endless advice and opinions can be overwhelming. Our programs are curated by professionals to reduce feelings of confusion. We believe every body and mind can thrive, including yours. You deserve the personalized attention we provide. With our support, education and guidance we are confident that you can create a sustainable lifestyle. Studies show that building happiness has many benefits including boosting your physical and financial health. With this in mind, we create programs to help you access the things that uniquely make you happy and help you implement them into your life. We love to have fun and enhance our programs with laughter, flavorful recipes, music playlists and nature's beauty. We have optional community and group activities as well.

We help you reach your goals through

Ethical Weight Management (EWM).

Reach your goals and release what is holding you down. While we work with all people, our program standards of conduct protect women of all ages from harmful practices such as before and after pictures and restrictive diet programs. Evidence based practice (EBP) provides the foundation for our practice. EBP applies a systematic way of thinking, integrating scientific data with professional experience to support your individual needs.

Woman at Work


  • Coach you and guide you to create and achieve goals which are achievable and sustainable through our program
    framework and methodology.


  • Help you disengage from labeling how you eat and prepare you to sit confidently at the table.

  • Educate and counsel you on nutrition in order to equip you with the information
    you need to make more choices in
    support of your overall health.


  • Provide supportive recipes, guides and
    tools to support you.


  • Empower you to interact with life’s
    inevitable events in support of your well-being and help you get back on track when you struggle.


  • Help you to uncover your true confidence and discover your purpose.

  • Connect you with a community to enhance support and accountability.

  • Help you understand your own physiology in order to narrow in on what works best for your unique mind and body.

  • Motivate you to take ownership over your life and your choices for good.


  • Promote diets or short term solutions to your obstacles.

  • Track your every move or ask you to log endless amounts of information.

  • Shame you if you struggle to stay on track.

  • Fix you.

  • Provide fitness training.

  • Sell you pre-packaged foods or meal replacements.

  • Press unwanted opinions on to you.

  • Label how we eat.