Founder & CEO
Certified Nutritionist

Stephanie Fee Maschek


Shift the course of your life through changing your days.  How can you stop beating yourself up, take your health into your hands, insert more happiness into your routine, and master important life skills that will set you up to live more freely and fully?  It all starts with how you approach each day. Stephanie will help you reap the health benefits that come with sustainable self-care, regenerative nutrition and building a movement practice that is fun and effective.  You’ll learn how to approach your day more proactively, care for yourself and develop self-discipline that will set you up to get the outcomes you desire for the rest of your life. 

You deserve to have better days!

Water Lake Landscape

Nature is one of the most powerful forms of healing I have experienced.  A short walk in a peaceful park is proven to help lessen anxiety and calm negative self talk.  I love helping people get outside even when the weather makes it difficult.  It's a great way to discover your strengths!

It's a great joy to help other people learn how to go with their grain rather than fight their natural instincts.  I love helping spontaneous people create systems that work for them so they can  meal plan and build healthy habits without have to be overly systematic and methodical. 

Sitting down at the table with friends and family, having a great laugh over a delicious meal is one of my favorite things on earth.  I love cooking for other people and I especially enjoy making healthy and flavorful dishes that I intuitively create.  Recipes are not my thing.

Time is our greatest resource and I am definitely a stickler!  We all run late and make mistakes but our relationship with time often leaves us feeling defeated.  I love helping people embrace the episodes of the day and repair their relationship with time management.


For most of her adult life, Stephanie Fee Maschek worked tirelessly, ticking the boxes of outward success. But the wellness quick-fixes she’d try couldn’t make a dent in the chronic pain and stress she’d been carrying from years of unprocessed experiences and a disordered relationship with consumption. Diet after diet after weight loss program–and all she lost was confidence.


In 2015, newly divorced and immersed in a demanding career in the wine industry, a daily experience soaked in food and alcohol, she forged a new path to change.  Through immersing herself in the science of nutrition and happiness and using nature and exploration for healing, she reshaped her life and built the framework for Nock programs.


During her journey, she came face to face with the problems that had kept her from creating the life she could feel calling her and learned how to remove herself from the diet cycle.  Through it all, she repaired her relationship with consumption, released 70 pounds of unwanted body weight and transcended the traumatic experiences of her past.  As she collected stories from people around the world who had faced similar obstacles, she found powerful solutions to help people get the outcomes they desire and leave diets behind.


Stephanie is a certified nutritionist of Precision Nutrition.  She and the team at Nock Collaborative are on a mission to provide a fun, effective and ethical alternative to the 45 million people in the United States who participate in diet and weight loss programs each year.