Frequently Asked Questions

What does NOCK mean or stand for?

A NOCK is the metal or plastic piece at the end of an arrow (used in archery) that fits into place on the bowstring, directing the flight path of the arrow. "Nocking the arrow" is an important part of the set up and it is often rushed or ignored, much like we often neglect our health and wellness.  We say that NOCK is the pause before we react, a call to being in the moment.  It is the time before we choose, the space we take before deciding where we want to go.

What makes NOCK different from other programs?

Ethical Weight Management.  We are dedicating our work to making sure that you are not recycled through another system that promotes short term results.  NOCK is different from every other program because we look at your life in its' entirety and work together to uncover your confidence. We offer no quick fixes to health or wellness because research shows that does not support lasting results AND it is damaging to you and others.

Can I benefit from this program if I want to have a better relationship with food but I don’t

need to lose weight?

Absolutely you can benefit from our programs. As stated above, we look at the whole picture of the member’s life. With our carefully posed questions, we help our members find where their life needs focus and then provide them with the tools they need to get where they want to go.

How do I know which program fits me best?

Nock Begins is a subscription based program and a great place to start which does not require a consultation.  For the Nock Life Program, you can schedule a 30 minute Lifestyle Consultation with so we can learn more about your mind, body and lifestyle in order to help us determine the best program for you.


What kind of accountability is included?


We provide many different forms of accountability, depending on the program. You can opt for minimal or as much as needed in the Nock Life Member Coach + Program.


Why would NOCK work if every other program I have tried has not worked?


The Nock Life Method is designed to get you to reach your goals through thinking, consuming and moving in support of your goals AND your confidence.  The data is clear - there is no detox, juice cleanse, 30 day challenge, keto plan or labeled diet that will support you in achieving long-term results.  Nock works because we offer you a method that that works for your unique mind, body and circumstances.  

What is the meaning of Ethical Weight Management?

We define weight as “that which holds us down,” including our experiences.  We respect a woman’s choice to decide whether or not she would like to release physical weight and if she does, it is our mission to provide her with the most ethical pathway to achieving long-term results.  Through EWM, our mission is to bring people together to take action toward a future free from diets.  

What is my investment in the program?

The cost of the program varies by program. For the Nock Life Program, we will cover the two program fees with you in your 30 minute consultation.

What does my investment include?

Your investment benefits vary by program but will include access to our member portal which houses habit building course material with videos and worksheets, our online community with other participants and Nock coaches, E-guides, recipes and more! You will also have access to workshops. 

How long is the program?

Our programs vary in length from 90 days to 12 months. Clients who complete one year have the option of remaining in the community with program benefits and special rates on coaching packages.

Do I need to order special food, supplements or protein powders?


Our nutrition counseling is focused on nutrient dense, whole foods but we also set up a realistic plan with you and support you in enjoying your favorite foods, guilt free.  No food is off limits.  Our coaches work with you and their recommendations will vary, depending on your current lifestyle and consumption.  We do not require you to purchase any special food or supplements.  With our help, you will create new habits in consumption that fit your unique sustainable lifestyle. Again, we are helping you achieve results that last.

Can I do this program if I am vegetarian or vegan?

Yes. We support eating whole foods that fit your sustainable lifestyle and we have recipes created for omnivores.

Are there expectations for exercise?

We encourage daily movement and we work with you to find modalities and intensities that you can enjoy and instill into your life.

Can I still drink alcohol?

You may drink alcohol.  Moderation is highly recommended.


I don’t want to lose weight - I only want to learn to eat healthier. Is NOCK still good for me?


Absolutely. Our programs are based on much more than losing weight. We care about the ambitions of the women we serve and want to help you reach your goals, no matter what comes your way.


What if I gain the weight I lose, back?

The Nock Life Method for weight loss is a program curtailed to your lifestyle and your nutritional needs. We do not restrict your diet but meet you where you are and work to come up with alternatives that support your body’s health.

How often do I have to weigh in?

You have the option of weighing in privately with your coach one time per week.  We also work with you to establish markers (outside of the number on the scale).

Can I participate if I am nursing or trying to get pregnant?

Yes. Your coach will work with you to modify your nutrition plan based on where you are at in your journey.

Are your coaches certified?

Our coaches are certified nutritionists and experts in women’s health.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds. Before we move forward with our coaching agreement, we go through a series of assessments and conversations. We work with you to make sure you are comfortable with investing in our programs before you pay your fee.

How do I become a coach?

Please submit your cover letter and resume to and we will be sure to get back to you.