Erin McIntyre, MS 
RD in process


Become empowered to create the life of your dreams.  Embark on the process of healing your mind, body and spirit to find a way of life that aligns with and supports your highest potential and purpose.  Through working with Erin, you will begin to feel more joyful in your body, increase your emotional agility, and feel confident in your ability to nourish your whole-health.  With a focus on health-based habits, Erin uses a heart-centered approach to create a strong foundation that will last a life-time.  She will help guide you towards restful sleep, establishing an energizing morning routine while building nutrition and movement habits that will support you in all aspects of your life.  You will learn how to approach your day more proactively and with more compassion, while always connecting with your truth and honoring where you are in each moment.  You deserve all the sweetness life has to offer. 

Co-create your vision with Erin.  Say yes to you!


My mission is to bring healing to the masculine and the feminine and bring back into balance what has been out of balance for so long!  My work brings sovereignty, power and reclamation to what has been mistreated and forgotten for centuries - the goddess!

I chose nutrition as the vehicle that drives my mission because of the innate healing power food has and it's natural and grounding essence.  I believe in the power of using food as medicine and the opportunity to heal the toxic cycles and beliefs we have surrounding

food and our bodies.

I focus on female hormones and fertility and bringing empowerment to women so they can heal themselves, teach their children and in doing so mend the broken cycle that has impacted our culture.  I help women heal their minds and bodies through nutrition.

I have many interest that include dancing, cross fit, yoga, hiking, camping and spending time in nature.  Breath work and meditation help me manage ADD and anxiety.  I believe in the power of spiritual healing and enjoy traveling and exploring.  I am learning to sing and play the frame drum to open up my voice and creativity.


I was on the pill since I was 16 years old and realized in my early 20s that I had no idea about how my body worked, what my hormones were doing or if I was even healthy.  I felt so disconnected from myself and my innate cycles. Thus began my (long and ongoing) journey of reconnecting to myself and my body's wisdom. I went off the pill and instead opted to try the Paraguard IUD (copper, non-hormonal IUD) and my body reacted by having heavier and more painful periods, constant BV and yeast infections and I started to get cystic acne on my chin, neck jawline.


After about 6 months of the IUD I decided to take it out and see if the infections stopped. They didn't. And the cystic acne got worse, really taking over my life and leading to so much stress and anxiety and shame. I remember going to my OB/GYN once a month for the BV and yeast infections, for which I was given a combination of antibiotics and anti fungal time and time again- and they kept coming back every month. At this point I was so frustrated that I was putting all of this in my body and it was not helping. I asked for any advice around nutrition knowing that there must be a more natural way to address my symptoms.


I went to a naturopathic doctor who used a more holistic, food-based approach--but my symptoms were still there and I was spending so much money out of pocket that I could not keep up with the appointments. It was then that I took it upon myself to heal. I started by trying to limit sugar and alcohol with varied success.  I made mistakes along the way: exercised too much and too hard, was stressed out by my relationships and job, had barely any self-care practices, drank quite heavily, had a sweet tooth and did not prioritize sleep.


I made a decision had to up-level my life by taking things into my own hands. I found another OB/GYN who diagnosed me with PCOS and put me on Spironolactone for my cystic acne, which helped a little bit but I was determined to figure out a way to heal my hormones naturally without taking prescription medication. I did not want to mask my symptoms anymore...I wanted to HEAL. This is when my passion for nutrition came on full force and I decided to enroll in a Nutritional Science program at CSULA- little did I know the long road that I was about to embark on. Around this time I also found Alisa Vitti and her book "The Woman Code" which became my bible.


Today I am grateful that I never have to wear makeup (my skin is bright and clear and pain free), I can jump into the pool or ocean when I feel like it without fear, I can allow myself to feel deeper intimacy and vulnerability leading to deeper connections and confidence, I intuitively know what my body needs and how to best support and nourish myself to feel my best. All of this work took years but I can say it was worth all the ups and downs and twists and turns to arrive here, able to help people in their healing journey.